Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sustainable Savoir Faire

Over here at Savoir Faire we love the idea of sustainability and the notion of recycling. (Hence, why I volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages). Since arriving in North America from the Antipodes nearly a decade ago, I was astounded at the amount of waste that exists in our world. If something is broken or has a hole in it, the item in question is always thrown out and a new one bought. Growing up I was always taught to fix and mend. Shoes were resoled, socks darned and whether possible things were fixed. I was always taught to save things that might be able to be used elsewhere. (No, it is not hoarding).

With the emphasis now on reducing the amount of plastic bags and waste we are using, I have found these fabulous totes, that all make use of something most of us throw out. Whether it be recycling old suits or clothing, rice bags, canvas or street banners, you will be helping the environment and walking down the street with lots of savoir faire!

Have an old tweed jacket or skirt? The below is perfect!

How is this? A fish food bag made into a tote!

Recycled canvas has never looked better than the below!

Ever wondered what they do with those street banners made to advertise special events?

So cut a dash and recycle something today!
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