Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Subtle Savoir Faire

You have to admit that the French have unmistakeable savoir faire when it comes to just about everything. I love these two perfume advertisements one for Lanvin’s Arpege and the other for Guerlain’s Chant d’Aromes.

*One of the nicest things about French boys is French girls.

And the nicest thing about French girls is a great Guerlain perfume, Chant d’Aromes.

To be great, a perfume must do two things, it must express something for a woman that she would like to express herself; and it must say it in a way that can be understood by men.

For several years now, Chant d’Aromes has been speaking for thousands of English girls, French girls, Italian girls and to the young men in their lives.

It has to be saying something.
The sixties in France must have been a wonderful era, there were great changes on all fronts from politics to fashion, and with true French panache, it was all done with style, and a hint of sexual innuendo. Of course they were aware (quite early on) that sex sells, however they interpreted this factor of advertising with a touch of innocence that left it up to the consumer to create their own fantasies.

This understated form of advertising would be completely lost on today’s consumer, who really needs it spelt out so that they can fully grasp the message without thinking about it.

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