Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Savoir Faire with Stella

Beer has never been one of those products that one usually associates with Savoir Faire, except when it comes to Stella Artois! The Belgian beer maker has consistently come up with memorable marketing campaigns that promote their product as one full of Savoir Faire.

One of the more memorable and stylish print campaigns of this year are the 60’s inspired ads that take us to the jet set lifestyle of the French Riviera of the 60’s.

Initially, when I first saw these I had a hard time deciding whether they were actual vintage ads from the 60’s or a newer incarnation of vintage ads, updated for a 21st Century audience. Why do they look so authentic?

It is because they are! They are illustrated by paperback and movie poster illustrator Robert McGinnis. McGinnis' portfolio is seemingly endless and includes cover art for all of the Bond books and pin up art that has come to represent an iconic 60s and 70s aesthetic. McGinnis was persuaded to come out of retirement to do this campaign.

The ads (true to form) feature a Bond-like character and his slinky female companion enjoying the good life in what appears to be St. Tropez. However uncharacteristic of the Bond we know, our hero is drinking a beer!

I have always admired the graphic stylized content of 60’s style drawn advertisements and these do not disappoint!
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