Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Lippy with Lelong

What is it with women’s lipstick these days? (Sorry girls). Here you have the main weapon in a woman’s arsenal of tips and tricks, demoted down to usually just a mundane black cylinder with a logo on it to be tossed into a handbag or cosmetic bag. These magical little items should be displayed and brandished about with savoir faire, shown off and treated with a little respect.

At Lucien Lelong, in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s they were luxurious little objets deluxe, that women were proud of, and they were also fun!

Previously I posted on a luxurious little Lelong offering covered in mink, which had wonderful undertones of luxury and surrealism.

On the luxury side we have this wonderful little jeweled case which I am sure drew envious glances when the owner used this in a powder room with other women around.

Lelong wasn’t afraid of arming a woman with several different lip shades depending on her mood. Often three different colours were contained in the same unit, giving our young fashionista a choice of how seductive she wanted to be.

The below while a very simple box shaped container, oozes glamour.

The silver container called “Quick Change” below mimics a coin container of the type that buss or tram conductors used to carry to dispense change. Not only is the container clever and fun there is a new meaning in the name, implying that a girl could change her lip colour on a whim. It also doubled as a brooch to be worn and displayed.

The set of three green plastic tubes below is an actual whistle that works.

Advertising also was fun and innovative. Colours were given names that were fun and carefree and meaningful.

So ladies get lippy like Lelong and arm yourself with a bit of savoir faire!
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