Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

I have always been influenced by packaging. For years ever since I was small I would save the boxes with which things would come in especially perfumes and luxury goods. I have amassed a collection which is quite large much to the chagrin of those around me. Living in a rather isolated community when young these were the links to a world of style and glamour that was beyond the boundaries of our small town in Australia.

So lately we have seen certain orange boxes being taken to new heights and used as a decorating feature.

One has to admit that Hermes boxes are a perfect shade of orange. I do not have one, however what a thrill it must be to have one in your hands direct from the store and opening it to see what is inside! I guess there is a reason that they have been called one of the most desirable boxes to receive.
As packaging design goes I do think it is brilliant. The most perfect shade of orange teemed with the chocolate brown details and logo, is a tour de force in understated chic.

Ok, now we come to the decorating thing. While any box is a great storage item, these are gaining popularity as decoration within themselves. Iconic orange Hermes boxes used for display storage: cool or contrived? Are they inspiring or a cliché? It depends on who you are talking to.

Why are we not decorating with red Ferragamo boxes? Or Lanvin or H&M?

I guess because no other box except maybe the Tiffany blue box are tell tales of the wealthy. For those of us who cannot afford to go shopping at Hermes, an empty box is the next best thing and equally as satisfying. At least it is something from Hermes.
The main thing here is a box that is too pretty to throw away, should be put to a good use while being decorative. Do you think the use of boxes such as these could become ubiquitous, like status shoes "casually" dropped on the floor, or are they just a classic element of design?
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