Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carve Your Way With Carven in Spring 2012

It is no secret that I just adore the old names of Paris Couture! From Molyneux to Fath and Balmain, They all have a place in Savoir Faire’s realm of consciousness. I also know that I have beaten Savoir Faire’s followers around the heads umpteen times of the classic forgotten fragrances of these houses, most recently with Carven’s Ma Griffe.

Having had several resurrections in the past Carven is back on the scene with a men’s collection that moves the house out of the office and onto the streets. This new venture for the revived couture house now focuses on ready-to-wear with seeds of couture thrown in for good measure. After the bang-up, back-from-the-dead revival Guillaurne Henry has effected with the house’s women’s wear, the brand’s owners have added a menswear relaunch to the house’s portfolio

Guillaume Henry is the responsible for Carven's new and fresh face for both women's wear and menswear.
Carven is offering a sophisticated take on the schoolboy look with the label's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Complete with with cropped collared shirts, rolled shorts, and lightweight sweaters all in the mix, it's easy to see the schoolboy touch. There is also a touch of the geek thrown in with pocket protectors!

Usually known for outfitting France’s middle class male in business attire, tradition has been maintained albeit with an updated line. These jackets, shorts, dress shirts, and flat-front chinos with rolled cuffs have a bit of the boy in them but are nonetheless essential for every man's closet.

Colour palette is quite muted and natural, which makes it more casual and daywear orientated: olive, copper and navy colours predominated in this easy to wear and I must say affordable collection.

With the silhouette there is just enough oomph to elicit envy from the friend who is not wearing Carven.
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