Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking a Seat with Jean Paul Gaultier

While we are all used to seeing Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic looks strutting down the runway, into people’s closets, now we are seeing some his iconic trademarks marching their way into client’s living rooms and bedrooms!

Gaultier has been busy this year translating his distinctive, iconic, daring brand of fashion into interior decoration and furniture with the help of upscale furniture retailer Roche Bobois. The furniture outfit enlisted the infamous fashion designer to create the new pieces, called Jean Paul Gaultier Pour Roche Bobois Paris, to commemorate its golden 50th anniversary.

For the fashionista and interior designer that is lurking within all of us this is a match made in heaven. This eclectic, contemporary and curious collection, mixes some of the iconic trademarks of Gaultier, such as, stripes, vibrant colours and patterns in a chic aesthetic that is perfect is perfect to mix and match, just like his fashion.

Gaultier has proved his distinctive vision with his own designs as well as some reworking and dressing up of some classics which he has reinterpreted. The visually stunning array of items embodies the designer’s unique fashion ID (marine prints and tattoos) as a modern and high fashion approach to iconic concepts, such as the Mah Jong modular sofa.

Designed by Hans Hopfer in 1971, this unique piece of furniture still represents one of the most distinctive and most wanted exponents of Roche Bobois portfolio. Gaultier paid tribute to the Mah Jong’s designer by keeping its modular seating shape while creatively updating the look with upholsteries featuring typical prints: marine stripes, calligraphy, tattoo patterns, glamorous celluloid kissing, pop culture iconography and red pom-poms.

The highlights of the collection also included the Paravent Bed, a distinctive furnishing featuring avant-garde upholstered headboard, chic silver and chromed finish and a pink silk bedding complemented with a fold-out paravent wardrobe.
Is this something you could see yourself taking inspiration from for your own slice of Parisian Chic in your living room?

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