Sunday, July 17, 2011

Window Shopping at Selfridges

As we all know here at Savoir Faire, shopping is a past time which I probably donate more hours to than I should. I am also a big window shopper, and am always stopping to pause at windows that catch my eye!

Such windows always command my attention and I always try and stop at each window, especially if they are in a department store, as a common theme runs through a series of windows along a store's frontage.

These windows in London at Selfridges immediately caught my eye for the bright acid colours that takes the viewer back to the seventies. They also had a seventies feel about them with the elongated limbs of the mannequins and backgrounds, with a bit of a hippy vibe.

I do apologize for the bad quality of the photos as in this case it was early evening and we were rushing to meet friends for dinner and running late. However do enjoy!

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