Monday, July 27, 2009

London Savoir Faire

I first came across Oscar Milo in London a couple of years ago. We were in search of Paul Smith outlet shop in Avery Row. We found Paul Smith and were infinitely disappointed, however right across the street, was a complete gem. Oscar Milo!

This was a store with a difference. Along with great clothing for both men and women, they had a small selection of furniture and household items. The clothes were wonderful. While sticking to the classics of English tailoring and design, each piece had a quirky detail that set it apart from everything else. Button holes were outlined with stitching in vibrant colours that contrasted with the fabric. The cut of each item had a bit of an edge to it, and the fabrics were wonderful.

Something that did catch my eye was the knitwear. I know that one shudders when you here of bulky knits, as they can appear very cumbersome. However with the actual lines of the piece they were not. I bought a wonderful cream bulky knit cardigan, that when put on fits the torso like a glove. It is the texture of the knit that stands out.

They have a few pieces of furniture that are wonderful. The driftwood cabinet below would be equally at home in town or in the country!

So if you find yourself in Avery Row or in Brushfield Street London, Drop in for some Savoir faire!

OSCAR MILO 19 Avery Row, London in '94. or 47 Brushfield Street, London
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