Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Savoir Faire

Now If I was jetting away I would need something to wear for said restaurants, bars and terraces and I think that Paris Designer Alexis Marbille has come up with just the ticket. These are resort clothes at their best which can go from day to evening effortlessly!

Terrace Savoir Faire

The weekend is fast approaching and how I wish I was jetting away somewhere glamorous and full of savoir faire. Unfortunately I am working both Saturday and Sunday, volunteering. Whenever I do go away, food, restaurants and bars feature big and if it has view more the better.

So feast your eyes on some of the below bars/restaurants/terraces I would like to be this weekend!

Oyster Bay Hotel, Durban

Cipriani's Venice

Boundary, London

Eresin Hotel, Istanbul

Hilton, Sydney

Isis Hotel, Bodrum

Moon Bar, Bangok

Press Lounge, New York

St Georges, Rome

Totts, Hong Kong

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Savoir Veronique!

Veronique Leroy, Belgian by birth shows just the correct amount of paired down elegance with her latest prêt-a-porter collection for the woman on the go. These are not fussy clothes, but easy to wear and practical which makes them a savoir faire favourite. heavily relying on cut and fabric to achieve her concept, this collection in my eyes seems almost like a homage to Balenciaga!

Straight to the Heart with Savoir Faire!

Imagery and illustration play a huge a part in our lives. Essentially we are visual people and are heavily influenced by what we see. Visuals play a huge part in advertising and nowadays especially when it comes to fashion, perfume and accessories there is a heavy reliance on “glam” style advertisements which are essentially using sex to sell. I like my imagery to get me thinking.

The below illustration by Andre Marty of a Poiret evening gown conveys two purposes. First we see the dress, and then there is the story. It is left up to the viewer to guess what has just happened. Has our young heroine been shot through the heart in a fit of rage by a jealous lover? Or has it been a stray arrow from cupid?

The below from Le Galion for their perfume “Sortilege” (witchcraft; supposed practice of magic; sorcery) is also telling a story. Is our young lady enraptured with a new beau, using voodoo to gain his attention? Or is she seeking revenge?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Savoir Scarves

It is nothing new to frame a silk scarf and hang it on your wall as art, and I am surprised that a lot more people do not do it. However I find that there is a definite lack of imagination out there as most people tend to frame the ubiquitous Hermes scarf and plonk it on the wall. There are some wonderful abstract designs from the 60’s and 70’s that would look perfect on a white wall by themselves or grouped together.

Why should your walls have all the fun? People have been making cushions out of scarves forever, and again it is a great way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise boring sofa.

While we are sitting down, how about actually covering a chair? Here are two great ideas both using vintage Christian Dior scarves for a bit of seated savoir faire.

Table tops shouldn’t be left out either. I love the concept as below, but not sure on the choice of scarf.

I have seen some pretty hideous attempts over the years with people covering lampshades with scarves as they tend to use the wrong shaped shade. Keep the shape simple!

The longer scarves such as the Lanvin and Courreges scarves are perfect for a narrow lampshade.

There are wonderful scarves that can be bought quite easily from eBay etc that can add instant colour dash and savoir faire to any space. Sure it might take a piece of work to whip out the singer; otherwise I am sure that all of you have a seamstress who can whip you up a cushion cover or two.

In the Pink with Savoir Faire

Just the thing from Simon Spurr for that early evening cocktail party on a terrace!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who has more Savoir Faire?

It is nothing new now for a designer to pose for their own advertising, sort of helps sometimes to put a face behind the name. Posing naked is nothing new also. YSL first did when launching his new men’s fragrance in the early 70’s and now we have Marc Jacobs going down the same path.

Who has more savoir faire?

Savoir Blanc!

I love white! It is such a pure colour and I have always loved decorating with white. All white interiors give you the freedom of adding in splashes of colour that then become the focal point of the room whether it be a vase of flowers or a piece of art. In my formative years I wanted all white interiors, however I soon gave that up as everyday life crept in and suddenly you realise that all white just does not match your busy lifestyle.

So A few pieces of white have to suffice and one of the best ways to bring light and casual elegance into a room is with the white chair.

I think even outdoor white iron chairs from France (left in their original state) work just as well inside and out.

Sometimes old chairs just begged to be painted white and covered with a fabric that stands out.

One of my all time favourites are Chippendale chairs painted white.

And last but not least, the crème de la crème of white chairs, the white Eames chair and footstool and white Barcelona chairs (mixed with classic other pieces) of course!

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