Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reclaimed Savoir Faire!

Since moving to Canada nearly 9 years ago (and being a country boy) I have been utterly fascinated with the architecture and style of the Canadian Barn. Especially old derelict ones, where my mind works overtime on the possibilities of using all that lovely old wood which is just lying around.

I am definitely by no means advocating the destruction of all these wonderful old structures and believe that they should be kept, no matter what state of disrepair or un-use, as they add character and substance to a landscape. However lying around these great structures is a plethora of old timbers. I love the variety of colours, patinas and textures of the wood and the history that it has seen.

My mind works overtime considering what uses I could do with old reclaimed barn wood. I really believe that what new timber is used for interior decoration can easily be substituted with reclaimed timbers. The colours and the textures not too mention the sense of history that these timbers evoke, I think can be easily adapted to modern uses.

While walking the other Saturday in Toronto on Queen Street East, there are an amazing number of stores springing up using reclaimed timber in furniture manufacture. Although basically modern designs, and very linear the pieces presented a warmth that modern timbers and veneers just do not have. The only thing that I was a bit disappointed at was the price that some of these stores were charging, which in some cases was rather exorbitant.

Here are some random examples of uses that have all the savoir faire in the world and some of them quite achievable, including some you could do yourself!

It looks great as a major feature as in the case of these panels and walls. When teamed with modern furniture such as the Eames chair it really pops!

The below gazebo is just stunning, as the architect has used the wood in such a way to give a wonderful flowing effect.

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