Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Missing Lacroix!

Well, another round of Haute Couture showings are abounding this week in Paris. One name that has been sorely missed these last two years has been that of Lacroix.

Perhaps no other designer except for maybe Galiano understood Couture better than Lacroix. A master colourist and technician couture under his direction at Patou achieved a renaissance in the early 90's. However the very nature of couture and the incredible expense involved proved unlucky for Lacroix.

His couture is just as relevant as that being produced today, and are classic pieces in workmanship, colour, texture and dramatic effect!

So while other bloggers in the blogosphere are concentrating on this weeks collections I am going back to all the fantasy, luxury and savoir faire that was Lacroix! Enjoy!

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