Friday, July 9, 2010

More Savoir Faire with a Conscience!

As a lot of you know I do a lot of volunteer work for Ten Thousand Villages here in Toronto, with most Sundays seeing me volunteering.

Here are a few new offerings from TTV, which means that you do not have to sacrifice style and savoir faire to make a difference in the world.

We have absolutely stunning rugs from the North West Province in Pakistan, where we support 900 families by providing them with sustainable income. Unfortunately even with my staff discount, they are just a tad out of my price range.

The below jewellery is just great for a bit of casual savoir faire, and is very very reasonably priced.

With so much waste going on in the world with tons of garbage being thrown out each year it is nice to see recycling at work. The below come from Bangladesh and Bolivia respectively. It is always difficult to pack glassware for an al fresco picnic, well now your problem has been solved, with this set of glasses in a basket.

Let’s not forget napkins for that picnic!

I also love blue and white (anything really) and the little box from Peru caught my eye. There is a matching tray which again is perfect for outdoor entertaining.
The wooden tea caddy from Vietnam with ceramic drawers is so cute!

And to top it all off, I have been lusting after the below onyx lamps from Pakistan for sometime now! Only problem is I have no where for it! Oh well c’est la vie!

Under Cover Savoir Faire

After a long week of torturous temperatures it has finally cooled down and is raining! Out comes my trusty black Fulton Brolly to keep me dry.

I have always liked the original Dior logo, formulated back in the late seventies, way before we bacame logo mad. I always thought it was elegant and sophisticated. Vintage logo makes all the difference compared to the newer tripe which is out there today.

SAvoir Faire Must Have

Would I be pushing it a bit too far if I wished to use this Cartier malachite and ruby ring tray as a soap dish in my bathroom?

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