Friday, January 21, 2011

Belted up at Zegna

Another round of fashion shows has just finished in Milan for what we will be wearing in Winter 2011. By and large I was feeling much more in tune with what was on offer this year than previous years. Collections were more restrained with the emphasis on good tailoring, line, texture and colour. Very few gimmicks and this year designers seemed to be going back to their roots, creating clothes that were wearable and fun at the same time.

I am loving the pseudo military detailing and looks at Zegna. This was a collection containing everything one could ask for! Impeccable tailoring creating a sound impression with the emphasis on craftsmanship.

Warm mustards and cool burgundies were mixed with slate grey and rich browns all layered with care creating a fabulous feast of the eyes. Fabrics from heavy tweeds to luxurious velvets and satins created a look of cool elegance that would keep any man warm.

Jackets were shorter and cropped with the slightest references to the military in the cuffs and collars.

However it was the belts and accessories that really caught my eye. Brushed bronze buckles on belts, sam browns crossing the chest, coats belted on the outside, these just blew me away!

My favourites were the belts with those stylish leather pouches attached or swinging from
clips! Kind of like fashion’s answer to the Batman belt!

I would drop my hat (or belt) for any of these!
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