Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Blue and White

Busy weekend here at Savoir Faire, with seeing me volunteering both Saturday and Sunday. However, that does not mean I do not have any time for savoir faire.

Here is a pairing that I think would look absolutely fabulous together. Now it is no secret that I like blue and white and porcelain. The traditional blue and white Chinese ginger style jar and vase are basics in decorating and I think goes well in most decorating schemes.

We have all seen the blue and white Chinese vases made into lamps and I think the below pair are just wonderful. All the proportions are right and the decoration while being somewhat minimal for the style is a nice subtle touch. The shade and dark base are in keeping with the aesthetic as all too often we see shades that really do not suit the base in proportion size and material.

So let’s, take the whole ginger jar, Chinese jar theme one step further, and blow up or paint oversize images of blue and white Chinese style porcelain on screens or room dividers. This creates a visual that is unexpected as we are used to seeing these items in smaller scale on table tops etc. This would work well with any collection of objects and creates a moveable piece of art. Enjoy!

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