Monday, August 17, 2009

Savoir Faire has been Tagged!

Ok, so I have been tagged by that arbiter of style and savoir faire TJB at Stirred, Straight up with a Twist, to list 7 of my personality traits as indicated by my blog. Well I have spent some sleepless nights pondering this impossible task, and have come up with the below.

I have a bit of thing for exceedingly strong creative women, which is evidenced by the numerous posts on Helena Rubinstein (my favourite) and Elsa Schiaparelli. However I can readily dismiss other women such as Coco Chanel and Elizabeth Arden (who some would put in the same category) as mere trifles (see trait # 2). I am sure that a psychologist would have something to say about this one.

I am selective. I pick and chose what interests me, and to some it would appear fickle, however there is some rhyme and reason behind it (not sure what it is though)

I have always believed in that it is the journey not the destination that counts, hence the proliferation of posts on travel and the social aspect of getting there! However once there I can change my mind.

Things always seemed better in the past, which is not to say I don’t live in the present. People tended to have more style and savoir faire and were real personalities (except for TJB). Celebrities nowadays bore me.

I am a social being, and thrive on human contact, whether it is cyber or face to face, so all of you who read my blog, list yourself as a follower!

I love beautiful things, line and detail, and the aesthetics behind things. Mind you again I am very selective. See point # 2.

I am a visual person and must have copious amounts of pictures to illustrate my blog.

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