Thursday, May 27, 2010

Imari Faire

I love Imari patterned china. Imari being the collector’s name for a various type of porcelain and pattern which originated in the town of Arita in Japan. The design is full of rich oranges, blues gold and white which create an unmistakeable pattern which is instantly recognised as Imari. Along with the more familiar Chinese blue and white designs this is the quintessential Asian style.

18th Century Imari Plate from Japan
The designs have been interpreted down through the ages across several continents, with the ultimate European interpretation coming from Crown Derby in England. Other companies such as Coalport and Meissen have all had their own slant on the design.

Coalport Imari Bowl.

Two Crown Derby Plates
A dinner table looks absolutely fabulous set with Imari, however I do think it is more suited to decoration than to eating off. Food would get lost in the intricate designs and colours. That said a cup of tea out a Crown Derby Imari cup and saucer, elevates tea drinking to a whole new level. A level of sophistication and savoir faire that just cannot be beat.

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