Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lip Service with Savoir Faire.

When we think of fashion and surrealism we all immediately think of Schiaparelli. No one mixed the two more perfectly than Schiaparelli. However, other couturiers of the era also dabbled, if not half heartedly with the two.

Lucien Lelong was always known for clothes of simplicity and understated elegance. Lelong also had an incredibly profitable perfume and cosmetic business as well, and this is where he dabbled with surrealism.

I just love the below mink covered lipstick tube from Lelong. Definitely an object deluxe with an edge.

With references to Méret Oppenheim’s fur covered cup and saucer, this lipstick has been elevated to something far more superior than its humble cousins produced by other companies.

The packaging itself signifies that this was something more than your average lipstick. With nothing written on the box except Lucien Lelong if presented with this you would be wondering what treat laid inside. Gold and white is always a classic elegant combination, which is reflected in the gold of the tube and the white of the mink.

Probably not an object for the handbag, but something to rest on your Hollywood Glam dressing table. However if it was something that some young savoir fairee would be carrying around, can you imagine the looks she must have received in the powder room when whipping this out of her handbag!


  1. yeah...Oppenheim...reminds me of one of my uni exams...but it was an A, so not a bad memory :-)

    I don't paint my face...But if I did I would buy that lipstick.

  2. Love this! Is it wrong to want it?
    ummm...never mind answering that... :)

  3. Joe, I dont ever but would buy it just to have it!

    Jason, Ok, won't answer.

  4. *FOFL*

    I adore men who collect fur coated lipsticks!

    My love for your blog constantly increases.


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