Thursday, May 7, 2009

Savoir Faire from Hardy Amies

I doesnt get any better than this!

Bespoke from Hardy Amies, London


  1. Hardie Amies is my hero! My high school graduation suit of navy blue cavalry twill was an Amies bought at Harry Rosen. I LOVED it.

    He had fantastic taste in interiors as well. I loved his beige stone country home, a former school house, in the Cotswolds.

    Everything he did was classic and of excellent quality. I think his image was overshadowed by the fact that he dressed a famous, mature matron (Queen Elizabeth) while other designers' fashions were seen on younger, slimmer celebrities.

    Would love to have met him. I'm sure that he would have funny and scathing reviews of many ridiculous fashions today (the ones that are photographed extensively but nobody wears!).

    Thanks for writing about a wonderful man, SIR Hardie Amies, that all followers of fashion should know about.


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