Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Friday Savoir Faire.

If we were heading off to Atlanta for the weekend in 1958, and we wanted to do it with some savoir faire, The Cabana Motel in Atlanta would be just the place. Opened in 1958 by Jay Sarno who went onto bigger things by opening Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in 1966.

Unfortunately torn down in 2002 after having seen better days, we can only dream of descending that staircase into that fabulous lobby!


  1. It does look every so Vegas-y to me so it doesn't surprise me that's where his career led him.

  2. I descended that same staircase in the last 80's when the place was filled with trannies and rentboys. It was a hoot and fabulous even then. Rumor had it that it was funded by Doris Day, do you have any history on that?

  3. David- I can believ that full of rent boys and trannies it would be fabulous. I will see if I can find out anything about Doris' hand in this bit of savoir faire


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