Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Up, Up and Away with TWA and Savoir Faire

In the 60’s if the Jet-set wanted to travel anywhere they usually did it with TWA or Pan Am. No other airlines did more for modern day jet travel than these two.

TWA had hired illustrator David Klein to produce a series of posters highlighting their many exotic locations around the world. These posters were emblematic and quintessential to the 1960’s jet-age. Bright colours mixed with sometimes almost abstract images portrayed travel as exciting and fun.

Even cargo didn’t go unnoticed, and whatever you needed shipped whether it be horse, shoes or film, it was all done in style with TWA.

The posters have become iconic and MOMA has included the New York poster below in its permanent collection.


  1. David I adore vintage airline posters. There is a collector here in Kansas Ciity and I sold some for him as he has some duplicates. Love these you have shown!

    Art by Karena

  2. I love vintage travel posters and TWA had some of the best.

  3. Karena and Belle, I also love vintage travel posters as they hark back to a different era of travel, when it was glamourous and exciting. And yes TWA had some of the best! Alas TWA and the posters are no more!

  4. What a well dressed camel!

  5. Jill. LOL, maybe a few ideas there?

  6. I inherited a David Klein poster of New York very colorful with a lion and all kinds of things along with the up, up and away in lower right corner is this real or duplicate?


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