Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Scented Romance with Savoir Faire

It seems that The House of Worth was not the only couturier to produce and present a series of perfumes that told a story through their names. Jean Patou, one of the most influential and understated couturiers of the day, left a lasting legacy through his perfumes. Most notably Joy, however countless others were created which have alas fallen by the wayside.

Inspired after a purchase at the local antique fair here on Sunday of a little mint unopened bottle of Patou’s Amour Amour Parfum, and doing some research, I came up with the following.

Whereas the five perfumes of Worth, when their names were ran together, they created a poem (http://david-toms.blogspot.com/2010/09/savoir-faire-avec-les-parfums-worth.html). The three perfumes of Patou tell a story, albeit a very romantic one. First introduced together in 1925 with the help of Paul Poiret’s perfumer Henri Almeras, they fitted in perfectly with Patou’s style and his sense of humour.

Amour Amour – signalling the start of a love affair and the quickening of the heart.

Que sais-je? – What do I know? Are things to serious? questioning whether to act upon one’s feelings.

Adieu, Sagesse – Goodbye Wisdom, signals the decision of abandonment into the unknown.

The romantic side of these perfumes (from what advertising copy) I can find was only hinted on lightly with no clear thread running through each launch. Just the connection of the names together seemed to be enough.

Again, probably my montage or story is a bit darker than the original concept Patou had in mind. I could have chosen highly romantic images, however sometimes these leave me dead. Love and romance to me should be full of passion and savoir faire. I hope that I am doing Patou’s perfumes justice.

Amour Amour

Que sais-je?

Adieu, Sagesse

I have primarily used images of a certain Italian actress whom I adore for her exotic beauty along with some Boudain and Newton, and no it is not Sophia Loren!


  1. LOVE the images with the perfume names!!!

  2. Oh myyy the leopard printed outfit is stunning!!!! (L) so beautifullll


  3. David, I always think how much more impact and glamour black and white images have as compare to colored ones. There is so much more drama and character and emotion...and of course, one more discovery - this perfume, I have never heard of it!!! I will investigate, it looks amazing, I can only wonder about its magic aroma...
    P.S. Thank you for writing to me. I promise to respond by the end of today. :-)

  4. Monica Vitti, and you are not alone.

  5. Why is it that we are drawn back to the images of Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton, and 1960s films? I think that people had more style then, dressed better, and life was more leisurely. They certainly have an easy elegance and elan that I admire and don't find in the Pamela Andersons and Paris Hiltons of today.

    Delphine Seyrig, you are not alone!


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