Monday, December 6, 2010

Savoir Faire in the Snow!

At last it is snowing here in Toronto! Last night saw a nice little covering of a couple of centimetres and it is still lightly snowing.

Savoir Faire is a big 007 fan! Not the modern day James Bond, but the older Sean Connery offerings which were incredibly stylish. However the best 007 film by far in Savoir Faire’s eyes is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. And you guessed it set in a incredibly beautiful snowy landscape, and Connery does not star at JB is played by fellow Australian George Lazenby, and low and behold in the end JB even marries.

So for a bit of snowy savoir faire this cannot be beat!


  1. I too am an afficiando of the older James Bond films and On Her Majesty's Secret Service was one of the best.
    David, who did the illustrations?

  2. The Ruffnerian 007 is the little-remembered (as 007) David Niven, in Casino Royale. But then that was all set in Palladian architecture, which is incredibly beautiful and cool, too.

  3. Belle, knowing your interest in this area, I am not sure who did the artwork. The artwork pictured here for the movie was the Italian versions.

    Mark, The David Niven version I did not care for much, however it was wonderful from a visual perspective

  4. Super topic for a post. I think the graphics of the ski theme Bond film posters are VERY cool (though somewhat ironic and highly improbable!). I am reminded of the oh so 1960s après-ski look and setting in the opening sequence of "Charade" with stylish Hepburn and Grant.

    In my younger incarnation I was one of those ski bums, but alas the commute from Toronto to a decent ski hill is now a bit onerous.

    REALLY enjoyed this article. You are a wonderful writer.

  5. Mr SWF, you are too kind! I just love that opening apres ski scene in Charade. It was so stylish!


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