Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have You Got Your Visa!

While we are doing all this travelling on the S.S France, have you got your Visa? Robert Piguet's Visa that is!

Described by Parfums Piguet as "Mysterious and addictive, this gourmand oriental is a spellbinding combination of lush white vineyard peach, pear, bergamot, ylang ylang rose and orange flower mingled with rich patchoulli, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla beans and a gourmand leathery accord. Dazzling and dramatic, Visa de Robert Piguet is the fragrance for those who expect the exceptional"

Wow, with a combination of ingredients such as this I am requesting a bathtub full of the stuff! Of course this is the reformulated version of 2007, however from what I remember of original Piguets this would be fabulous! Originally created in 1945 by perfumer Germaine Cellier, one of the greatest of all noses.

So make sure you have your Visa so we can do some more travelling with savoir faire!


  1. Oh I am getting light headed as we speak. What a fabulous bouquet of scents and fragrances!

    David, Would it be good on a woman?

    Art by Karena

  2. I wish I could smell it too!! I love the posters, they look so chic :)
    Nancy xo

  3. I love mysterious, oriental fragrances...

  4. Wonderful post! I've finally got to check this stuff out. I know so many scents, but this one has eluded me up to now.
    Take care,

  5. Karena, It is a women's perfume so you are good to go with this one!

    Dale and THL. it is available out there and I am sure it smells absolutely divine.

    Nancy, I love old perfume ads and have bought many as they always look great framed and hung together.

    Joe, because you are a mysterious woman?

    Michael, being in Europe I am sure that your local Parfumery would have some, so go and smell and tell us what its like.


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