Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mon Peche by Savoir Faire

As an addition to Savoir Faire, I have decided to launch another blog! I have found lately that I have not been able to devote the amount of time daily to Savoir Faire as I wish. Savoir Faire will still continue as will my new blog Mon Peche, which is an going to be visual only with no text and a twist! I a m not sure how running two blogs is going to give me more time. Mon Peche is going to be a visual record of what Savoir Faire is actually thinking.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I agree with your idea of have another blog dedicated to photos and illustrations only. It may eat more time but it is worth the effort.

  2. sounds exactly like my kind of logic. i'm sure it will be a hit!

  3. What a great idea ! A blog with photos and illustrations. I love it.

  4. Hello David:
    We always think that you have a fantastic and highly individual eye for all things visual so an illustration only blog seems a natural adjunct to Savoir Faire to us.

    It does take up a lot of time to produce a post with interesting and meaningful content as you never fail to do. But, we find that writing less frequently gives both us and our Followers time to develop a dialogue and that we find particularly satisfying.

    Mon Peche already has us hooked!!

  5. Your new blog looks lovely, can't wait to see what else you start posting on there!

  6. I like it already! And I'm guessing that the two sites will feed off each other, Can't wait for more!

  7. Why not do a tumblr? It's easier and will sever the same purpose.

  8. Awesome! I agree with @anorexicescapades, though, that maybe you should try tumblr for your photos-only posts.

  9. Halfwhiteboy and Anorexic, I did consider this, however realised that there would be some text.

    MArk, you are so right

    Caroline, thanks so much!

    Jane and Lance, yes I think I was trying to hard and reached burn out on some weeks. Sometimes a picture and a small amount of text will hopefully produce dialogue.

    Home Constructions, Dimitri and Jules, many thanks

  10. Well done you! I cant keep up with one blog, let alone two ... I'm going to look at it when I'm in Sydney (hopefully) and let you know what I think.
    I'm sure it will be fabulous darling!

    Hope the weather does warm up in NSW ... I've heard its been atrocious ... but c'est la vie ... you make the most of what you've got!

    Happy holidays David!

  11. Hi David! I'm off to check it out right now!


  12. Marina, yes lets hope the weather improves! I hope you enjoy!

    Rachel, many thanks!

  13. I'll be there for sure, David. Happy Holidays!


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